Tallulah Willis admits she's slipped into 'deeply wounding negative self-talk' in tribute to younger self

Tallulah Willis corrected "some deeply wounding negative self-talk" by validating her 8th-grade self "even all these years later."

On Thursday, the 27-year-old middle child of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore shared current and childhood selfies reflecting on her mental state, then and now. "…Slipped up on some deeply wounding negative self talk, ancient narratives resurfaced and the noggin goblin I thought I had banished for at least a few more months had resumed his banshee like screeches," she wrote on Instagram. "You can’t turn down the volume, and suddenly you lose the grip on your toolkit of recovery and in no time at all you are a soupy mess of insecurity and micro-obsession."

"I found this photo today of me in 8th grade on Halloween, how desperately I wanted to emulate the grown up girls I saw…" she explained. "How earnestly I strutted into the costume store, honing in on this little boys skeleton costume…trying to tame my new and foreign curls (fun fact: when you first get your period, all the new hormones can even change hair texture, so in the span of 2 months I went from having the same pin straight hair I’d had my whole life to a wild mane, which would have been an easier transition had it not been the summer I decided to experiment with a risky ‘do a la a 20’s chin length bob."

Tallulah added, "It was THEM and me with miles between — I felt no matter what I was in a [losing] race. A decade & some change later, a lot of life has been lived and I’m no longer hurt hunting, I limit triggering visual intake, and the only party I care about is bedtime with @DillonBuss," she said tagging her film director boyfriend. "But that 13 year old still deserves to be seen, even all these years later. You’re one of the cool kids my precious little soul, and I’d love you forever."

The famous Willis sibling, whose sisters are Rumer Willis, 32, and Scout Willis, 29, has shared a few other vulnerable snaps of late, including an Easter-themed topless shot of her and Buss and one of her naked and lying in the grass. And during an apparent move that seemed to tug on her heartstrings, Tallulah penned a love note to her former home where "love has bloomed, friends have turned family, animals have left us and joined us…"

Tallulah has positioned her past as a benchmark for how far she's come — in November, she deleted a photo of herself wearing a bra and a pari of shorts that fans said was "triggering." The Wyllis fashion designer, who decided to re-post it, wrote that her “subconscious mechanism/response to stress has predominantly been lack of appetite and shedding weight.”

However, she wrote, “Today this is not the case, I am working very deeply from the mental side as well as physical to keep myself and my well-being at the highest point of priority.”

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