We need to talk about the 1994 Disney film 'Blank Check'

In 1994, Walt Disney Pictures produced a PG comedy called

“Blank Check” about an 11-year-old boy who gets into a bike

accident with an escaped convict and ends up with $1 million.

Though the movie is generally fun in a

classic ’90s fashion, with tons of hijinks

and corny jokes, there’s one small problem: .

The 11-year-old main character’s

love interest is an adult woman.

The 1994 film has recently found

itself back in the spotlight now that

it’s available to stream on Disney Plus.

On TikTok, user therjpowell recorded a

now-viral video addressing the controversial

kissing scene in the movie, calling it “cringey”.

Though the entire concept of an 11-year-old falling in

love with a grown woman is troubling, therjpowell

calls out one problematic scene in particular in his video: .

the one where the 11-year-old and

the grown woman — an FBI agent

named Shay — actually kiss on the mouth.


one person asked.

When the film came out in ’94, the

Chicago Tribune called it “one of the

sleazier movies ever marketed to kids"

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