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  • 2016 Grammy Nominees: From Yearbook Photos to Red Carpet

    Before they became critically-acclaimed platinum chart toppers, this year’s nominees, like Carrie Underwood, Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa, had surprisingly normal school portraits.

  • Kanye West Disses Wiz Khalifa, Compliments His Pants in an Epic Twitter Rant #WizWearsCoolPants

    This afternoon, Kanye West provided us with the perfect remedy for that 2:30 feeling when he went on an epic Twitter rant against rapper Wiz Khalifa. Yesterday, Kanye West revealed on Twitter that he was changing the title of his album from “Swish” to “Waves.” Khalifa took issue with the new nomenclature, suggesting that West was biting off Harlem rapper Max B, who is currently serving a 75 year sentence for kidnapping, murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault. Max B is credited with coining the term “wavy,” which happens to be a big theme in his music.

  • 2016 Golden Globes Beauty: The Most Stunning and Surprising Hairstyles

    Award season has officially begun.

  • The 13 Most Dapperly Dressed Dudes of 2015

    ZZ Top was right: Every girl IS crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man (and plenty of boys are, too). Even though most “best dressed” lists, accumulated throughout the year from red carpet appearances, press junkets, and fashion shows are generally comprised of all women, we thought it was about time we let the guys shine—just this once. After all—variety is the spice of life. With that in mind, may we present to you: The 13 best dressed famous men of 2015.

  • Amber Rose Breaks Down During SlutWalk, Forgives Kanye West

    Months after announcing her plans to hold a “SlutWalk” in Los Angeles, Kanye West’s outspoken, buzz cut-sporting ex, Amber Rose, fulfilled her promise this past Saturday.  According to the Los Angeles Times (via CNN), the L.A. rally—a reaction to the unfair “slut-shaming” of women based on their clothing, profession, looks, or actions—was attended by several hundred people, most of whom were female. Just 14-years-old when she was first slut-shamed (for a sexual act she didn’t even do), she was then tormented throughout high school and earned a reputation for being “easy.”  Amber Rose carries a poignant sign at her SlutWalk.

  • Amber Rose Pulls a Kim Kardashian, But The Two Are More Similar Than You Would Think

    Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian take to Instagram to show off their assets. Amber Rose—the model/designer/musician/ex of rappers Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa—posted photos of herself on Instagram over the weekend in a string monokini, which literally left nothing to the imagination. This level of overexposure has become de rigueur, but it did remind us of a very similar snap that Kim Kardashian posted not that long ago.