• Gay YouTube Star Ingrid Nilsen on Coming Out: ‘It Freed Me’

    “For me, coming out was acknowledging those things and consciously deciding that I was going to move forward in truth. I stopped apologizing for the things I never should’ve had to apologize for in the first place and it freed me.”

  • Instagram Sensation ‘Kinky Sweat’ Mixes Feats of Beauty and Strength

    Meet Alicia Archer. “Learning flexibility as an adult, I think, intrigues a lot of people,” Archer, 32, tells Yahoo Beauty of her growing legion of followers. A New York City native, Archer says she fell in love with makeup as a teen and while attending college — learning performance in a program that combines it with academics at the Alvin Ailey School of Dance —  which deepened her exploration of cosmetics through stage makeup for performances.

  • There’s an NYE Beauty Hack for Hooded Eyes

    Many people think a hooded eye shape isn't flattering paired with deep eyeshadow hues, liner, or heavy mascara. Our beauty vlogger demonstrates that's a myth. Makeup artist Stephanie Lange has just the right techniques to make hooded eyes pop. Her latest tutorial shows off a dramatic smoky eye with dashes of metallic glitter.

  • Male Beauty Vlogger Harassed for Wearing Makeup

    “Please tell me why it’s an issue for men to wear makeup in 2016,” implores 18-year-old Georgie Aldous, a budding makeup artist and vlogger in a new video.

  • Why This Vlogger Never Wears a Bra: “I Just Feel Like a Natural Woman”

    Many women still choose to wear a bra every single day —but not vlogger Meghan Hughes. “Not wearing a bra, not wearing any makeup… I just feel like a natural woman just doing my thing.”

  • Beauty Vlogger With Facial Tumor Inspires With Her Smart, Funny Videos

    Marimar Quiroa has amassed a loyal YouTube following, thanks to her cool tutorials and hilarious Q&As.

  • Is It Drugs? Abuse? ISIS? Why Fans of This Beauty Vlogger Are Worried

    Deodorant on your face, lime juice in your pits, baking soda under your eyes. … Just when you thought the world of beauty vlogging couldn’t get any weirder, there’s this: The drama surrounding Brit YouTuber Marina Joyce.

  • Vine Star Emma DiBiase Dies at 16

    ​Lohanthony, Madison Beer, Trevor Moran, and more shared messages of grief. ​

  • Why This “Racy” Snapchat Has Angered the Internet

    Think of Zoella as the Bethany Mota of Europe. The young Brit is one of the continent’s biggest vloggers with more than 10 million YouTube subscribers, 4.4 million Twitter followers, and countless additional fans across various other social media networks. Zoe Sugg, her real name, was bashed by The Sun andDaily Mail for ditching her “squeaky clean image” and therefore damaging her innocent image.

  • The Rare But Scary Dangers of Henna Hair Dye

    A beauty and health vlogger online feed took a scary turn recently, when her salon color — supposedly done with all-natural henna — triggered a horrific allergic reaction that landed her in the ER.

  • Watch YouTube The Right Way

    It’s pretty easy to fall into a YouTube wormhole. Who hasn’t found themselves lost in a sea of dog videos and Whitney Houston performances on the video-sharing site? But there are a few people worth seeking out—here, twenty YouTube stars you should be watching right now. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for nonstop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day

  • How Beauty Vlogging Helped Jordan Bone Fight Her Disability, Beat Depression, and Inspire Everyone

    When British vlogger Jordan Bone was battling depression, she found help in an unexpected place—YouTube.

  • “Dear Fat People” Was Part of an Elaborate Strategy for Fame & Fortune

    Back in September, YouTube comedian Nicole Arbour shared a video titled “Dear Fat People.” But while Arbour won’t admit fault, she is coming forward with a different confession: that she produced the clips as part of a larger strategy to gain views and, subsequently, cash.

  • Watch Out Beauty Vloggers, Here Comes Karlie Kloss [Video]

    Karlie Kloss just debuted her first beauty tutorial on YouTube — and it’s very “Klossy.” Even in the glamorous world of a supermodel who is BFFs with Taylor Swift, it takes an expert to contour those cheekbones. After all, other beauty vloggers don’t talk about meeting their celebrity makeup artist, Sir John, seven years ago backstage at a Dior show, or prep for a night out with Derek Blasberg and Lily Aldridge, or hang in traffic with Gigi Hadid. For her first beauty lesson, Kloss and Sir John recreate her Met Gala 2015 look.

  • Inside the Meme and Mariah Carey-filled Wedding of Two YouTube Stars

    All Photography by Ben Fraser from Weddings by Two Billy and Pat Sandora-Nastyn met online, but not through a traditional dating site.  “I saw a picture of Billy on Facebook in June 2009,” Pat remembers.  “A friend had recently gone on a trip with him, and he was in a lot of the pictures. “It was special moment for the two of us.” The couple dated for over three years before Pat proposed while on a spontaneous trip to London in November 2012.

  • Bald Beauty Vlogger Aims to Help Cancer Patients [Video]

    Forty-year-old London resident Andrea Pellegrini has a YouTube portal dedicated to makeup tutorials — but her channel, Baldly Beautiful, isn’t about cat liner tips and new beauty finds. Her videos tackle beauty issues cancer patients face, from dealing with pale skin and watering eyes to going bald.  Pellegrini, a makeup artist who was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2014 and launched Baldly Beautiful in February 2015, told the Daily Mail, “It definitely helped me get through chemo; it was something to focus on and it helped the whole family as they all got involved.” It’s a family project: Her 15-year-old daughter, Emily, edits the videos, and her husband was the one who encouraged her to share her makeup expertise with others.

  • At Beautycon with Vlogger Tatiana Ringsby

    New York City hosted it’s first Beautycon over the weekend. The one day gathering of content creators, beauty fanatics, and makeup brands was any beauty lovers dream, with the opportunity to try new products, check out the latest technology and meet vloggers like Bethany Mota, Meg DeAngelis, and Maddi Bragg.  We asked model and beauty vlogger Tatiana Ringsby to takeover our Instagram account for the day to show us Beautycon through her eyes. Check out all the photos from the event! 

  • L’Oréal USA, Michelle Phan Part Ways; Em Michelle Phan Heads to Ipsy.com

    Michelle Phan and L’Oréal USA have parted ways. L’Oréal USA has ended its deal with the YouTube star, whose 250-stockkeeping-unit line with the beauty giant launched online in August 2013. “Together, we’ve made the decision to sell Em Michelle Phan to Ipsy, a company which Michelle cofounded,” said Carol Hamilton, president of L’Oréal USA’s Luxe division, Friday afternoon.

  • 18-Year-Old Erin Timony Painted a Van Gogh on Her Face

    YouTube beauty guru, Erin Timony, also known as FreshBlush. At the fourth annual NYX FACE (Fine Artistry of Cosmetic Elites) Awards hosted by Kelly Osbourne on Saturday, August 22, talented makeup artists ranging from professional editorial stylists to YouTube vloggers — with plenty of overlap — competed for a grand prize of $25,000 and $1,000 worth of NYX cosmetic products for their kit. One of the finalists was 18-year-old San Diego-based YouTube guru Erin Timony, also known to her fans as doll-faced vlogger FreshBlush with over 7.6 million views at press time.