New glass platform offers a thrilling view of the Alps (if you can dare it)

This one's not for people with a fear of heights: A French tourism company has suspended a glass cube with a see-through bottom from a peak in the Alps, offering a breathtaking view a kilometer down.

Billed as the tallest attraction in Europe, the structure was three years in the making. It includes five transparent sides made of three layers of tempered glass fixed with metal to a big support structure.

Tourists will get a stunning view from the Aiguille du Midi mountain of the landscape, including Mont Blanc, Europe's highest mountain. "Step into the Void" opens to the public Saturday. The Aiguille du Midi peak stands 12,604 feet high.

The cube is sponsored by Compagnie du Mont Blanc, which manages transportation in the mountains.

See more photos of the new glass platform.
See more photos of the new glass platform.