Funny signs from around the world

Whether intentionally funny or not, odd signs make for great sharing. Here are our favorites from the Travel + Leisure community.

Signs can be our biggest allies; they can also lead us far astray. Either way, we rely on them heavily—especially in unfamiliar places—so we take care to read every word. And sometimes, what we see is, well, hilarious.


Whether the language is unintentionally misleading or lost in translation, or an illustration isn’t quite right, it makes for a shareable moment. So the camera comes out and the photo goes up—on our social media profiles, Flickr pages, blogs, and the community section of We pulled the photos from T+L members that made us laugh, in hopes that they’d work the same magic on you.
Some signs have questionable (or no) punctuation; others are meant to be funny. And some are just downright strange. All of them make our journey more interesting—and amusing.

Just in case you weren’t sure, these designated trees are officially big.

What? You thought candy corn was synthetic? Silly.

A.k.a., the official club of the silver-lining supporters.

Fear: the best way to bring in new customers.

First came the free-range chickens, and then came…

Nothing says job security like a closing business!

You better hope there isn’t an emergency.

Can’t say they didn’t warn you.

You definitely don’t want to get caught in the rain here.

Is this an unsuspecting battlefield?

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