What Do You Read?

Our Media Diet series, in which we explore the reading habits of prominent media people, has been quite popular with our audience. While we've learned how the likes of David Brooks, Lewis Lapham, and Andrew Breitbart navigate the world of information in print and on the Web, we figured it was time to ask: What do YOU read? We'll highlight the best reader responses each week given through Twitter, Facebook, email, and in the comments section of this page. What are we looking for? Great, undiscovered reads, surprising bloggers, and interesting writers, TV personalities, and radio voices.

To reply via email, send your responses to Jared Keller at jkeller@theatlantic.com with "What I Read" in the subject line. Please include your name, location, and occupation. We want to know: 1) A bit about yourself 2) your favorite sources online, in print, on TV/radio, and 3) how you sort through the media landscape. Please limit submissions to 250 words.

Looking forward to your responses!

--The Wire Team