• Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren didn't wear white at 2019 State of the Union: 'Did she not get the memo?'

    Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren were among the few female lawmakers who didn't wear white to President Trump's 2019 State of the Union address.

  • Congresswomen wear white to 2019 State of the Union to send Trump a 'message loud and clear'

    Female lawmakers attended President Trump's State of the Union address wearing "suffragist-white" to symbolize women's rights.

  • Was Joe Kennedy Drooling? The Internet Obsesses Over His SOTU Speech

    Joe Kennedy wants you to know he was not drooling. The U.S. representative from Massachusetts and great-nephew of President John F. Kennedy gave a televised speech on Tuesday night in response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. The unidentified liquid near the right side of Kennedy's lips sparked the hashtag #KennedyDrool as well as many tweets, a few of which provided up-close screen grabs of the assumed saliva.

  • Women in Congress wear black to the State of the Union to support Time's Up, #MeToo

    U.S. Reps. Nancy Pelosi, Tammy Duckworth, Dianne Feinstein, Jackie Speier, and others wore black to the State of the Union address.

  • Did You Notice That All the Women at the SOTU Were Wearing Bright Colors?

    Sure, my ears were delighted listening to President Barack Obama’s final address to the nation and he looked pretty dapper in a navy blue suit and a striped tie, but it was the view of the audience that piqued my interest as a fashion fan. Whenever the camera panned away from POTUS to give a view of the crowd (catching kids sleeping, Marco Rubio making faces, or capturing Michelle Obama’s box of guests) bright colors popped on screen. Or is this a new trend, one fueled by feminism and the fact that more women than ever were in attendance at the SOTU. Christina Logothetis, a Washington, DC-based image consultant and fashion blogger for The Style of Politics, explained to Yahoo Style that women always stand out more in these situations because they have the opportunity to wear bright color. “You’re never going to see a male Representative in a red suit, but you very often see a female Representative in one,” she said.

  • Kim Davis Wore a Cosby Sweater to the SOTU

    At Tuesday night’s State of the Union, Michelle Obama wore a marigold dress from Narciso Rodriguez, Jill Biden looked beautiful in a hot pink sheath, a woman in the audience (who was loved by the camera) dressed up in a ROYGBV sweater and accessorized with a massive flower brooch. Basically, the females in the audience dressed to impress — except for one: Kim Davis.  Kimberly Jean Bailey “Kim” Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky who unrightfully denied marriage licenses to same-sex couples, was a guest of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who gave her a ticket after his staff “heard from the Family Research Council that Ms.