high heels

  • #BootBae Reveals the Real Function of High Heel Boots

    Every once in a while, a video comes around to remind us we're not alone.

  • This Man Slays Walking in Heels Like No Other

    Cue Beyoncé's "6 Inch."

  • Are Heels Ever Too High for the Workplace?

    A lighthearted conversation between two television reporters on ABC11 WTVD Eyewitness News in North Carolina sparked an interesting conversation on the height of heels in the workplace. Co-anchor Steve Daniels was amazed at his fellow anchor Tisha Powell‘s ability to walk in such high heels and asked her to show the audience how tall they were during a “Facebook Live” segment.

  • Sarah Palin Points Out She Had to Do Her VP Debate Standing in High Heels

    Sarah Palin pointed out that while current vice presidential candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence sat during their debate on Tuesday, she stood in high heels during her 90-minute VP debate against Joe Biden in 2008.

  • Some Bosses Think Heels and Makeup Are ‘Better for Business’

    A new survey finds that bosses believe it’s better for business when female employees wear high heels and makeup — whether they like it or not.

  • Cynthia Rowley’s Teen Daughter Surfs in Heels

    Kit Keenan must have some serious traction pads on her surfboard, because the badass teen can be seen hot-dogging in a chic pair of silvery heels in a new video.

  • When Should Girls Be Allowed to Wear Heels?

    Experts recommend teens wait as long as possible before wearing heels and only for special occasions, as they can cause inflammation in the feet, ankles, and back.

  • Can High Heels Give You Cancer?

    There are certain well-known factors that raise your risk for developing cancer, like smoking and obesity. Now, one doctor says he’s pinpointed one of those mysterious factors: wearing high heels.

  • Your Heel Height Says a Lot About Your Social Aspirations

    A new study shows that your neighborhood, whether it's a wealthy area or a less well-to-do one, can influence how high your heels are.

  • Dancers In Louboutins Might Blow Your Mind

    If you’ve ever tried to strut in Christian Louboutins, you’ll know it’s not the easiest thing (unless you do it every day). So, this is a sight to behold.

  • Waitress Shares Photo of Her Bloody Feet Highlighting Sexist Workplace Dress Codes

    After about an hour in heels, each step becomes more like a painful hobble. Toes are squished together, blisters form, feet twist. Sounds like torture, right?

  • The High-Heel Hiatus: Podiatrists Explain Why Stilettos Really Are That Bad for You

    Victoria Beckham recently confessed that she “can’t do heels anymore” — and that revelation, from a style icon known for her sky-high stilettos (especially at the airport, where they were an essential part of her travel uniform), rocked the fashion world. Hell on heels The unnaturally ultra-feminine body position that heels force us into isn’t how we’re designed to walk, says Jacqueline Sutera, a surgically trained doctor of podiatric medicine and spokesperson for the APMA. In our late thirties or forties, the fat pad on the bottom of the foot starts to atrophy and we lose some of our natural cushioning, explains Elisa Kavanagh, a clinical professor of orthopedics at the Mount Sinai Medical School and a board certified podiatrist in Scarsdale, N.Y. Wearing high heels hastens the fat loss, increasing the chance of developing painful neuromas (nerve inflammation between the toes) and inflammation in general. When high-heel devotees hit their 40s, like Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker (who claims that running around Manhattan in her Manolos ruined her feet), they may find that they can’t stay in heels as long as they used to.

  • Beware: Your High Heels Are Trying to Kill You

    If there’s one skill a model at New York Fashion Week needs to have mastered, it’s walking gracefully in sky-high heels.

  • What Happens to Your Feet at Every Heel Height

    You know the painful feeling—stepping out in heels only to wishing you could take them off as fast as you put them on. But why are you experiencing such discomfort? Especially if you opted for a lower, one-inch heel, rather than a six-inch? Well, we tapped ProFoot podiatrist Dr. Jackie Sutera to spill on the real reason your heels hurt—and what actually happens to your feet at every heel height. According to Dr. ...

  • High Heel Friendly Sidewalks Are Now a Thing Because Feminism

    Sweden might be giving its 16-year-old girls copies of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s feminist manifesto, but New York City’s hot on the country’s heels—quite literally—when it comes to promoting gender equality. 

  • How to Make Heels More Comfortable, According to a Doctor

    There’s nothing worse than counting down the milliseconds until you can finally plop onto your couch and not move after struggling through a long day in heels—especially during the holiday party season. While spending that long elevated off the ground will undoubtedly cause some pain, there are a few ways to make your pumps more comfortable. We tapped PROFOOT’s podiatrist Dr. Jackie Sutera to fill us in on what we can do to make heels more bearable.

  • The 6 Weirdest Fashion Kickstarters of All Time

    Kickstarter, the king of the crowdfunding sites, has allowed hundreds of fashion entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of creating, say cool cork wallets, or affordable selvedge denim. But let’s be honest — those projects tend not to get the big bucks. To really make it on Kickstarter, your project needs to have a strong gimmick or solve a problem — which is why people have flung literally tens of millions of dollars at things like a shirt that unbuttons in a flash, a hoodie with pockets for your iPad and your flask, and an “odorless” bra.Ahead, six Kickstarter projects that caused a stir, raised a lot of money, and that you probably didn’t realize you needed until right now.Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for nonstop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day.