How to work your way out of debt (and still have a blast with the kids)

How many of us have honestly been there, not living way beyond our means but also not living within them? I imagine there are lots of hands being raised in front of computer screens in response.

Cristie Ritz King, author of the blog, The Traveling Circus, is one of those people courageous enough to say that her family of five was further in debt than they wanted to be, simply by purchasing things like diapers and paying for car repairs. Instead of ignoring mounting financial issues or simply opening up another credit card, Cristie and her husband put the family on financial diet.

Their goals were to make a realistic budget that would help them recuperate from being so in debt and then to strategize longer-term ideals of paying for her children's college tuitions, building a sustainable retirement fund, and living comfortably once again.

Cristie's family isn't in financial bliss just yet. But here's how they are slowly, surely getting there.

The best part of their whole scheme? How they're doing it so that the kids don't ever suspect they're missing out on any fun.

Have you reinvented yourself financially? What tips to you have for Cristie and other parents who are working to be debt-free and live comfortably within their financial means?

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