Celeb secrets to aging gorgeously

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They have it all. Fame, fortune, a closet full of secrets that keep them looking flawless.

We dug up our favorite stars' beauty secrets.

Take notes.

1. Cindy Crawford

The 45 year-old supermodel still looks drop dead gorgeous.

What are her secrets (besides being a supermodel and all)?

For starters, she gets microdermabrasion once a month, a procedure that removes dead cells and reduces dark spots by light abrasion. In other words, mega-exfoliation.

In addition to her monthly spa trips, she's always sure to use lip liner to make her lips appear fuller, and makes sure her hair never is one-dimensional. Cindy adds blonde highlights to her dark tresses in order to keep her hair from looking flat.

Sounds easy enough.

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2. Sandra Bullock

We like Sandra for many reasons, one of the main ones being that she seems pretty no-frills.

The 46 year-old actress claims that she typically gets ready in "8 minutes flat" (hmm…), but takes the time to work on her enviable physique.

When filming, she keeps in shape with Pilates, weight-training and kickboxing, and when she's at home she's sure to always get a run or bike in.

When trying to cut back on calories, she'll follow The Zone diet, a plan which chooses tailor-made combinations of foods, and encourages eating 6 small meals a day. The plan aims to program the body's insulin levels and train it to burn fat, thus shedding any excess weight.

Another (random) beauty secret she picked up while filming Miss Congeniality is using hemorrhoid ointment around her eyes to help with lines and crows feet. As she eloquently put it, "Putting butt cream under my eyes is one of my best beauty secrets, and stops me from getting lines."

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3. Helen Mirren

Ah, Helen Mirren. The epitome of all that is beautiful (and unfair) about aging gracefully.

The 65 year-old actress takes a more humorous-and less rigorous--approach when it comes to her appearance (perhaps that's why she looks so great - she doesn't sweat it?).

She credits sucking in her tummy and a great pair of heels with looking confident and sexy.

She said, "Holding your tummy in is a trick for making you look and feel good. I don't know why, but I do, by nature, hold my tummy in."

And her advice for making legs look long and fabulous? Platform heels.

"Four-inch platforms give you great height and make your legs look unbelievably long. I used to only be able to get them in stripper shops, but now you can buy them everywhere - although, unfortunately, that means everyone else has discovered the trick too."

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4. Meryl Streep

The 61-year-old actress isn't just smart in her movie choices. She is also intelligent enough to know that in order to keep her pale skin looking naturally luminous she's got to stay out of the California sun.

Streep, along with many other celebs, is a fan of the anti aging skin care line from Tracie Martyn. She also is sure to get a resculpting facial before red carpet appearances from Martyn.

As far as exercising goes, Meryl shies away from high impact, intense cardio workouts for the more low-impact swimming. During the summer, she tries to swim at least one mile a day.

We're impressed, Meryl.

5. Susan Sarandon

At 64 years old, Susan Sarandon credits her haircut and color to her youthful look.

She always opts for a shoulder length style with long layers in the back and shorter layers in the front. The result is hair that's bouncy and healthy looking-not drab and weighing you down.

Her color always has hints of red, which brighten up her fair skin.

Highlights are key here, ladies! You heard it from both Cindy and Susan's mouths!

Now if you'll excuse us we have an appointment to make.


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