A Real Housewife Swears by This Trick for Perfect Skin -- Do You Dare?

Photo from BravoTV.com
Photo from BravoTV.com

During The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, matriarch Caroline Manzo revealed a hairy secret: She shaves her face every day.

Not because she's battling a beard, but rather because she believes it's an excellent way to care for her skin.

"I have beautiful skin, it's to exfoliate!" she told host Andy Cohen when he read a reader's question about her unique skin-care regime.

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She does have great skin, so perhaps it's one to add to your bag of beauty tricks ... if you're not scared of nicks and cuts.

Women perform all sorts of interesting rituals to maintain beautiful skin, some more quirky than others. But hey, whatever works, works.

Here are a few other unique ones to try ... if you dare:

Never wash your face again My mother-in-law, who has incredibly gorgeous skin, even in her 70s, says it's because she rarely lets water touch her face. Her whole life she's only used cold creams -- no soap or water.

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Saran-wrap facials Make sure you can breathe, but some women swear they remove years from their faces by sealing in their moisturizer with saran wrap and leaving it on for 15 minutes or so.

Medicine-cabinet masks Some women swear Pepto-Bismol is the best facial mask. The perky pink liquid is said to be excellent for tightening pores and refreshing skin. Just apply, let dry, and rinse. If you have oily skin, women say applying Milk of Magnesia to skin, letting it dry, and then rinsing before applying makeup will keep the shine at bay.

Parsley to fight pimples This is one herb that zaps zits. Whether you make an astringent of sorts with it or just mix with some water and freeze it into ice cubes to fight pimples as they pop up, parsley is supposed to be powerful.

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Multi-purpose Crisco It may not be healthy to eat, but on your face, it can have wonderful benefits, according to its loyal users. From removing eye makeup to serving as a moisturizer, it's for more than cooking.

What non-traditional skin care methods do you use? Would you try any of these?

Written by Julie Ryan Evans for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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