Women Who Shine Category Winners!

Last week, we announced that Public Service nominee Mariah Votriah was the Women Who Shine grand prize winner. Read more about Mariah and what she plans to do with her $10,000 prize.

Today, Shine is thrilled to announce the category winners in the Women Who Shine contest. These ladies each will receive at $250 gift card, and will be profiled on Shine in the coming days.

Christie Zink, Activist. Read more about Christie.
Maggie Machado, Athlete. Read more about Mir.
Amee Cantagallo, Entrepreneur. Read more about Amee.
Lina Vierira, Healer. Read more about Lina.
Mir Kamin, Mother. Read more about Mir.
Linda Carey, Survivor. Read more about Linda.
Jennifer Price, Teacher. Read more about Jennifer.

We're also excited to share that we had so many amazing Women Who Shine nominees that we decided to award an extra round of prizes to the runner-up in each category.* Each runner-up will receive a $250 gift card!

Ruchi Shah, Enterpreneur Read more about Ruchi.
Elisa Medhus, Healer. Read more about Elisa.
Bridget Crews, Public Service. Read more about Bridget.
Melanie Kabo, Survivor. Read more about Melanie.

Congratulations to all of of our winners. And again, a special thanks to those of you who nominated the Women Who Shine in your lives.

*Category winners unlisted are still pending.