What guys love about your hair

It’s not that we want to base our clothing choices or our hairstyles on what guys prefer, but it is interesting to know what they’re thinking sometimes. Women’s Health contributor Matt Bean let us in on the hairstyles that guys like and what, well, kind of confuses them. Watch this episode to see where guys stand on everything from extra-long tresses and updos to pixie cuts and color chameleons.

Sometimes it seems like guys pay no attention to our hair and other times it seems like they have more opinions than we realize.  Women's Health magazine contributor Matt Bean let us in on what guys like (and don't) about trendy hairstyles.  Here's the short list:


•Extra-long feminine hair is sexy and romantic.


•Pixie cuts if it goes with an edgy personality

•Loose braids

Fresh-out-of-the-shower hair


•Reality TV hair (Snooki, for example)


•Haircuts that don’t fit your vibe or your clothing choices

• Extreme (i.e. dirty) bedhead

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