Skin-care mistakes you don't know you're making

Sometimes we know we’ve got to step up our game. (I’ve been known to fall asleep with my makeup on more than I'd like to admit.) And sometimes we feel entirely virtuous about our skin-care regimen because it's full of SPF-- all year round!-- and cleansers and such. But the truth is, we may not realize that we're overdoing (or underdoing) something that can lead to the very thing we're trying to avoid: dryness, breakouts, accelerated aging. In this episode, New York dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf lays out the most common skin-care mistakes women make and how to fix them.

The bad news is we might not be taking care of our skin properly, even when we think we are. The good news is, according to New York dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf, a few small tweaks to our routines can mean a glowing complexion is in sight. Here are some of of the most common skin-care mistakes. Are you making any?

Not washing your face before bed

When you’re exhausted, this is the easiest mistake to make. Here’s some motivation: Sleeping with a face full of makeup and “broken down” skin-care products, as Graf says, interferes with the critical renewal process that your skin goes through while you sleep. Keep makeup-remover wipes at your bedside table so you can at least reach over and do a quick “wash” even in a sleepy state.


Not washing your face in morning

Even if you do wash your face at night, you have to repeat the process after your eight hours. While your skin is miraculously working on that renewal, all sorts of toxins and metabolic products are being thrown off that you need to clear away.


Using a deodorant soap on your face

It may seem innocuous, but using a deodorant soap or deodorant body wash on your face can disrupt the skin’s delicate lipid barrier. The result? Dryness or irritation. Or both.


Overwashing your face

It may feel like you’re doing a superb scrub-down, but using a soap that’s too harsh or being too physically abrasive with that washcloth can cause dreaded redness and dryness.


Choosing a cleanser that’s wrong for your skin type

If you have an oily, acne-prone complexion, a cleanser formulated for dry skin is not going to remove enough of the oil. An oily cleanser might leave dry skin feeling tight and extra-dry. Make sure you know what kind of skin you have, and choose your products accordingly.


Not taking your makeup off before a workout

We all like to cut corners where we can but this is not the place. Take a few extra minutes to wipe off your makeup before you hit the gym, as sweat under makeup can make you prone to breakouts -- not to mention making you look like a circus clown! Also, when you’re done, as Dr. Graf advises, change out of those sweaty yoga pants ASAP. You’ll be preventing bacteria from multiplying and damaging your skin.

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