Seven hair myths debunked!

Sarah Bernard
·Host of The Thread

Lemon juice produces blonde streaks. Cut your hair if you want it to grow. Mayo can double as hair conditioner. We hear tidbits like these so often we start to assume they're true. Not so! In fact, many of these home remedies and old wives' tales may have the opposite effect on your hair. In this episode, we lay out which common myths are sound beauty advice and which are simply a waste of your valuable hair care time.

Myth #1: Lemon juice will turn hair blonder.

False. It would certainly save a lot of money if this were true, but the only dramatic change you'll see from dousing your hair with lemon juice is dryness from the acid.

Myth #2: Mayonnaise doubles as hair conditioner.

False. If you slather mayo on your hair, you're not going to smell so great, for one thing. Second of all, your hair is going to look extremely greasy for an extended amount of time.

Myth #3: Trimming makes hair grow faster.

False. Hair grows half an inch a month. The best way to help keep your hair looking full and healthy is to focus on your diet. Eat plenty of fish, lean meat, and eggs. Cut back on heated styling tools and brush hair gently to cut down on breakage.

Myth #4: Swimming pools turn hair green.

True. But only if you're a blonde. To avoid the issue, add conditioner to your hair before you dive in. The conditioner will help seal your hair cuticles and prevent them from absorbing any pool chemicals.

Myth #5: If you pluck one gray hair, three will grow in its place.

False. This one definitely feels true, but it takes three months for a hair to poke through your scalp and even longer for it to grow to a noticeable length. Yanking out a hair from your scalp can actually damage the follicle and lead to hair loss.

Myth #6: Split ends can be sealed.

False. The only real cure for split ends is to nip them off with scissors. Products can seal the hair temporarily but if you don't trim them, they'll continue to run.

Myth #7: Cold water makes your hair shiny.

True. Did you ever wonder why hair salons often finish off a wash with a blast of cold water? It's not to make sure you're awake. A cool rinse will close the hair cuticle, which enables the strand to reflect light better.

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