Rihanna trades her stilettos for a machine gun

When we think of Rihanna, we envision a rock star in eye-catching couture strutting her stuff onstage belting out “Umbrella.”  So when we heard that Rihanna would make her big screen debut as weapons specialist Cora "Weps" Raikes in the action flick “Battleship," we weren’t sure what to expect. And neither was she. But like a true professional, Rihanna tackled the project with all she’s got-- she upped her fitness regimen and swapped those 5-inch stilettos for a wig, some tattoos, and fatigues.  We headed to Pearl Harbor (where much of the film was shot) to catch up with Rihanna for her take on this new endeavor: what shocked her, the intense training she endured and why the whole experience really humbled her. 

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