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Every daughter has her own Mother’s Day gift style. Some stick with the classics (flowers, sweet treats, beatification options), while others prefer experiences to gifts in a box. And then there are those who love to push the envelope with something unexpected. In this episode, we cover all the bases. Martha Stewart Living Editor in Chief Pilar Guzman gives us some shopping inspiration with an array of mother-daughter-themed options that are trending now, plus traditional picks from the Martha Stewart Living gift guide in their May issue.

That cute little lady at the start of this video is my daughter Scarlett. And that very enthusiastic dancer a few minutes in is my daughter Orly. I feel as though I’ve already had my Mother’s Day present because I got to spend time with my munchkins at work, but I’m still open to a few more presents (subtle hint.) To help you figure out what to buy for mom -- or perhaps, what you’d be open to receiving -- Pilar Guzman has brought some fantastic ideas from the Martha Stewart Living magazine gift guide and beyond.

Mother-daughter accessories

Selecting a piece of jewelry that ties the two of you together is a thoughtful choice. We love the gold-plated mother-daughter heart pendant necklaces from Target ($14.99) and a similar version from Urban Outfitters. The two necklaces are sold together ($24) and fit like pieces of a puzzle. Speaking of puzzles, has adorable brass puzzle pieces from Monserat De Lucca by Mafia that say 'you' or 'me' ($87.99). We love the solid brass cuffs made out of vintage locker tags from The Spoon Sisters ($45) which you can engrave with the initials of your special one.

Mother-daughter dresses

If you're into the "mini-me" idea, one sweet option is a classic printed shift dress for mom and daughter like the Lily Pulitzer Little Lilly loopy shift ($68) and corresponding grownup version. Or, you can go with dresses that are similar in feel, but not identical. Zara Kids has a pleated dress ($39.90) with a peter pan collar and there's a similar-style for mom ($59.90) with short sleeves and a full skirt.

Mother-daughter tattoos

Mom and kid can opt for getting inked together a la Emma Stone and her mom, who both have tiny blackbirds. I’m a fan of the temporary variety. Girly options like hearts with wings and butterflies or superheros and pirates are an inexpensive (and amusing) way to accessories.

Delicious treats

How about a multicourse breakfast in bed? "Martha’s American Food" cookbook is the ultimate resource for the likes of blueberry pancakes and buttermilk biscuits (serving suggestion: heap with jam and butter!) Or, download the new Martha Stewart cookie app for the ipad and experiment with an assortment, including our favorite, heart-shaped cookies with Nutella.

Bouquets and potted plants

If you want to present mom with a bouquet, go with what’s seasonal -- peonies, irises, tulips -- so the blooms will last as long as possible. Keep them fresh buy cutting stems on an angle so when they’re standing up in a vase, the maximum surface area is exposed to water and not squished against the bottom. If you prefer a plant, add a personal touch by decorating a terracotta planter with some Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Chalkboard Acrylic Paint, both of which are available at Michael’s, the amazing crafting emporium.

Pampering at a good price

Maybe a facial or a relaxing massage tops mom’s wishlist. Pilar suggests looking on,, and for reputable salons with deals and Mother’s Day sales.

Check out more options in Martha Stewart Living’s Mother's Day gift guide, which is on stands now.

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