Men’s grooming habits that turn women off

Ladies, tell me you agree. There is a horrific beauty double standard going on that we have to do something about. Now that it's summer, we've all been upping our beauty game— more shaving and waxing, keeping toenails in check— so the terrible grooming habits of our guys have become all the more glaring. Why is stomach-turning neglect (or in certain cases, too much attention) the norm? We're not asking guys to do anything we don't do ourselves. If you're feeling extremely grossed out by what you're seeing thanks to flip-flops and bathing suits, take comfort in this: You are not alone.

We asked our Facebook friends (affectionately known as "Threaders") to share the grooming issues that irk them the most, and the answers were awfully familiar. One Threader asked if we could please paste the comments "on a huge billboard that all men can see." Well, here's our billboard equivalent! See the top ten offenses below and add more by posting on our Facebook wall.

1. Long, dirty toe nails. Or, as one Threader called it, "Hobbit feet." I love that. It's true. Guys, you don't have to sit for a pedicure, but there's no excuse for claws filled with dirt.

2. Hair where it shouldn't be. Nose hair was the number-one complaint with ear hair a close second. "Why is it so hard to buy a trimmer and a mirror?" asked a completely reasonable Threader. We don't have the answer.

3. Mouth madness. This is just basics. We're brushing, flossing, and whitening, but certain guys seem to think they can get away with "yuck mouth," as a Threader called it. Not true.

4. Unattractive smells. This can mean not showering often enough or not embracing deodorant. This is also related to #3 (see above).

5. Eyebrow issues. Either overgrown or over plucked. We don't want unruly, caveman hairs, but we also don't want you to look more sculpted than we do.

6. Too much cologne. If everything you touch starts to smell like your medicine cabinet, that's not good.

7. Too much waxing. There's grooming and then there's grooming. No one wants to feel like they're with a newborn.

8. Dry, cracked heels. You can put lotion on them, you know.

9. Hair that never moves. If your hair is as hard as a car door, you've got to rethink your products.

10. Letting your blackheads live on. Everyone has zits, especially in the hot and sweaty summer. But, jeez, if you have blackheads on your face, deal with them or book a facial where someone else will.