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Sarah Bernard
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Some Hollywood stars have their hair and makeup down, while others nail it in the styling department, even when they’re just pushing a cart through the grocery store. Sofia Vergara is one of the few who get a thumbs-up on both fronts. Whether she’s dressed down in jeans and a tank top or glamming it up in a strapless gown, she’s always got her gorgeous cascading waves, bold lips, and thick lashes. In this episode, NYC-based makeup artist and owner of Pre-Dame, Stefanie Syat shows Thread viewer Brianna how to get Sofia’s look with a few makeup tricks, and we complete Brianna’s transformation with Sofia-inspired, figure-flattering style choices.

Sofia admitted that she relies on makeup—specifically lipstick and mascara—  to feel beautiful. As if we needed more reasons to love her! Here’s how Stefanie created two Sofia-inspired looks for Brianna:

Sexy, casual Sofia

It is entirely possible to still look fresh even with a full face of makeup. Stefanie gave Brianna lots of mascara to open up her eyes. She applied several coats evenly to the top and bottom lashes. Fun fact: Sofia is a natural blonde and uses lots of mascara to cover up her light lashes! For Brianna's lips, Stefanie chose COVERGIRL's Blast Flipstick, which has two sides—a creamy side and a shimmery side—for customized color. Stefanie went with a creamy rose shade for a daytime look. We styled Brianna in some black leather-patch leggings, a slouchy printed sweater, and heels.


Red carpet Sofia

For an evening look, Sofia loves painting on a retro cat eye. Stefanie started by giving Brianna a sweep of medium-toned shadow on her upper eyelids. She used a liquid liner along Brianna's upper lash line and flipped out the corners. To amp up the drama, Stefanie added more mascara and gave Brianna’s lips some shimmer with the other side of the Blast Flipstick. What’s the wardrobe choice to go with the look? A strapless dress and some black platform heels, of course.

Check out all 13 shades of COVERGIRL's Blast Flipsticks and let us know which suits your current beauty obsession. Speaking of, have you seen my beauty boards on Pinterest? Follow me and I'll follow you back.


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