Fashion and beauty etiquette for every age

When we talk about women having great style, one of the main reasons is because they know how to dress for their age. If you see a teenager looking matronly or a forty-something attempting to flaunt a Selena Gomez-hemline, you know what we mean. That doesn’t mean that as you age you should throw on mom jeans and call it a day. Quite the opposite! Choosing a fashion direction and committing to quality is even more important when you’re far from your college years. In this episode, we invited StyleUnited blogger Sarah James to talk us through what is appropriate for women in their 20s on up.

Style is a constantly evolving concept. At 25, you’re not still wearing the same things you wore at 15, right? (If you are, we need to talk.) There’s your fashion taste to consider, of course, but there’s also what works for your body type and what is appropriate and flattering for your age. Check out these style rules by age, and let us know if you agree:

When you’re in your 20s

Fashion: Follow trends, mix patterns, and take risks. Now is the time to experiment with silhouettes, hemlines and color choices.

Beauty: Go for bold colors with your makeup. Experiment with your hair. Now is a great time to test out hair colors because your hair is healthy and resilient.

When you’re in your 30s

Fashion: Think “polish” when it comes to clothes. Start to gravitate to more structured, authoritative silhouettes.

Beauty: Don’t go for a trendy haircut simply because it’s trendy, if it doesn’t work for your lifestyle. Styles with light layers around the face or side-swept bangs are great for hiding the first wrinkles. Keep your makeup fresh. Rosy, dewy cheeks and lip gloss are ideal.


When you’re in your 40s

Fashion: Clothes should be classic but not devoid of personality. If you love a color, work it in to your look with accents and accessories.

Beauty: Now is the time to think about hair color if you’re seeing a lot of gray. Tinted moisturizers give skin a nice dewy finish. Stay away from shimmer because it can settle into fine lines and age you. A volumizing mascara can help fill out thinning lashes.


When your in your 50s on up

Fashion: Invest in high-quality fabrics and tailored pieces with statement accessories.

Beauty: Go for weekly deep conditioning treatments if hair dryness becomes an issue. Less is more when it comes to makeup—you do not want the pancake effect. Mascara only on the upper lashes opens up the eyes. Avoid dark lipsticks because they can creep into fine lines around the mouth. Go for lip gloss instead.

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