Are you washing your hair wrong?

Most of us are on autopilot when we get in the shower, but there are dos and don’ts we should keep in mind to get the shiny, healthy hair we all want. In this episode Herbal Essences stylist Charles Baker Strahan lays out the rules for washing in terms of frequency, water temperature, application (shampoo and conditioner are not the same), and products.

It's OK to wash daily, but it's not necessary:  Depending on  your hair texture, it's OK to wash your hair daily if you hit the gym every morning or if your hair is fine.  Curly, thicker hair can get away with washing less.

Detangle your hair before you shower:  Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair, so detangle hair before you get in the shower.

Personalize your shampoo and conditioner:  Choosing a shampoo and conditioner that correspond to your hair type and texture makes a big difference. Charles loves Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth shampoo and conditioner.
Use less product than you think you need
:  Fine-textured hair requires only a dime-size amount of product. Thicker hair can use up to a quarter-size. If you have a lot of styling product in your hair, you may want to lather, rinse, and repeat until it feels clean.
Warm is better than hot:  Everyone loves a warm water experience in winter, but water that’s too hot is overly drying for the skin and scalp. Stick to warm water.
Apply shampoo and conditioner differently:  Add shampoo to the roots of your hair and allow the lather to work down to the ends, which are more fragile. When applying conditioner, do the opposite. Focus on the ends of the hair, which need the most attention.
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