Five ways to accentuate your curves

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We’re happy to say that these days the fashion world seems to be embracing girls with curves—otherwise known as real women!—and the options for flaunting your shape— in a stylish, flattering way, of course — have never been better. You always hear us talk about maximizing your assets, but what does that mean you should do when you open your closet? In this episode celebrity style expert and body-shape guru Jacqui Stafford runs down her tips for enhancing an hourglass look and creating the illusion of one!


It’s amazing how much of a difference a few small adjustments can make. Here are five dressing tips that will dramatically improve your look:

Don’t hide! Emphasize

The worst thing you can do is wear big, baggy, shapeless clothing which, as Jacqui says, will only make you look “big, baggy, and shapeless!” That doesn’t mean wear everything skin-tight. Somewhere in the middle is the ideal. Go for cuts that show off your shape in flattering ways.

Pay attention to proportion

Cuts that broaden the width of the shoulders—say, a structured shirt or a blazer— create the illusion of a tiny waist.

Highlight your waistline

Creating a visual break at your natural waist—your narrowest point—is another way to emphasize a curvy figure. Pairing a solid top that you can tuck into a flared skirt helps create an hourglass effect.


Belts are key

Again, this is all about defining your waistline. Belts are simply another great tool. You don’t want a skinny belt or one that’s too thick. Look for a midwidth option.


Find a bra that fits

This one sounds obvious but it’s amazing how many of us walk around wearing a bra that doesn’t fit. A bra that’s supportive, shapely, and slimming can be transforming if you’re wearing a one-piece look like a sweater dress. An ill-fitting bra can make you look squat and create dreaded back bulges.

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