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If I had to guess how a guy would dress a woman, it would be something like the way my daughters dress their Barbies: miniskirts and low cut tops on Monday, skin-tight shiny leggings and a tummy-baring halter on Tuesday and more miniskirts on Wednesday. You see where I’m going. But Redbook’s "Whys Guy" Contributor, Aaron Traister, and the guys surveyed by the magazine claim that their wants are nothing like what I imagined. In this episode, see the top five outfits guys are secretly wishing we women wore more of. Watch and learn.

At the moment colored jeans, ankle boots and romantic day dresses are in heavy rotation in my wardrobe. I’m pretty sure my girlfriends think this is a great idea, but now I’m wondering how the guys I know are viewing my efforts. According to Aaron, I need to simplify. Here are his tried and true recommendations:

Jeans and a tank top

What some ladies would call boring guys think of as pleasantly low-maintenance and sexy. Aaron insists the appeal of this classic casual look is that there’s “nothing stressful” going on. Who knew accessories were stressful? Ladies, take note: you can still add some personality with knee-high boots and a cute hairstyle.

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The librarian look

I can get on board with this one, as everyone should have a pencil skirt in their closet.  Guys love the hip-hugging skirt with a tucked in shirt but not for the form-fittingness. The allure of this look is all about the (potential) transformation from primp and proper to down and dirty.

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A cocktail dress

When there’s an occasion to dress up, forget the retro-chic jumpsuit or asymmetrical floor-length gown. Too out there. A simple, strapless, nonthreatening mini-dress does the trick.

A fitted sports jersey

Guys who are interested in sports (that is, most guys) love to see their ladies supporting their team, says Aaron. The look he's after is an oversized jersey tied in a knot at the back or a fitted women's-size jersey worn with jeans.

Yoga gear

I’m so glad this was on the list as I live in my black stretchy yoga pants. I think of them as purely utilitarian. Kind of like a socially acceptable version of sweat pants that you can wear out of the house. Aaron sees other positive characteristics: they’re form-fitting, comfortable (again, no stress) and -- because you can sweat in them -- “kind of sexy.”

For more insight into what guys are really thinking, check out Aaron’s Whys Guys blog on Redbookmag.com. If you have questions for Aaron, you can also post them on our Facebook wall and we'll get you some answers.

Thanks to Thread viewer Danielle for modeling all five looks. Which one would you be most likely to wear? Vote in our poll below and let us know.

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