Five holiday looks to celebrate YOUR style

A great holiday look is festive and fun but also reflective of your year-round personal style. If you’re drawn to classic, tailored looks, a flowy bohemian dress paired with a sleeve of bangle bracelets is probably not the look for you. Then again, simply wearing the same thing you always do, just with a little lip gloss, is not exactly fulfilling your fashion potential, is it? We’re here to help with some on-trend ideas—complete with hair and makeup suggestions— that correspond to five different style personalities. See what you think of these holiday looks and let us know which one you'd wear.

The holiday season is officially underway and, yes, that means lots of yummy food and hanging out with friends. But it also means creating new statement-making looks to wear to all those events. Admit it, don’t you have more fun dressing up to go out than you do once you get there? I do. To help you with your creations, here are some suggestions to go with five different style types.

Edgy Bold

Indulge in multiple trends simultaneously with a cropped embroidered jacket over a sparkly top (the more sparkle, the better, I always say), paired with some colored jeans. Colored denim was a hot trend this fall  and we're happy to report it’s sticking around for spring. Cap off the fierceness with some textured stilettos, a hairstyle with serious volume, plus a bright lip and smoky eyes.

Flirty Romantic

Florals are not just for summer. A floor-length floral strapless dress will look elegant and pleasantly surprising, kind of like winter white. Choose from this season's selection of Mary Janes, and accessorize with some colored stone jewelry that’s both bold and affordable. Keep your hair style relaxed and soft and go for a pink-hued makeup palette with pale blush and berry-stained lips.

Modern Boho

Think prints! A paisley chiffon dress with flowy sleeves and funky textured tights make a great combo. Go for knee-high boots (easier to stand in for hours than heels), and don’t be afraid to introduce another bright color or two with your accessories. For your hair, if you have the length (you can always clip it on) a fishtail braid is unique and on trend. With so much going on here, modest makeup choices, like soft pink lips are the way to go.

Classic Tailored

There’s nothing like adding a figure-flattering sheath dress to your wardrobe. It will work for the holiday season and beyond. Add flash with a statement pearl necklace and when it comes to hair, think Jackie O. A sleek, straight, side-parted style completes the statement. Play up the eyes with heavy liner and mascara, and keep the lips neutral.

Casual Cool

If jeans and T-shirts are your go-to, use that concept as your starting point. Instead of a comfy tee, how about a striped, sequined top under a classic blazer. Slip on your favorite pair of dark denim and some black flats. Comfort but with a little glitter. Keep your hair wavy and fresh and your makeup natural,l with lots of shine on the lips.

For more head-to-toe style inspiration, is a great resource. Do you have any holiday style tips to share? Post on our Facebook wall and let us know.

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