Five guilt-free indulgences for a stylish you

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Indulging doesn't have to mean spending beyond your means, which would invariably undercut the good feeling you're trying to create. One of my favorite ways to indulge is through fashion (obviously). We've found five guilt-free options for savvy shoppers like you so you can stay stylish and give yourself a well-deserved treat. Enjoy!

1. Shop sample-sale websites

Visit, a sample-sale site that offers exclusive fashion deals daily. Sales begin at noon EST and last up to 40 hours. The dress I'm wearing in this episode was one of my finds. Originally it was $148, but I got it for $49. Added bonus: If you refer friends to the site, you get $25 credit for each newcomer who buys something.

2. Add scent to your clothes

Most of my clothes are wash-and-wear. One, because I hate dry-cleaning bills, and two, because I want to make sure everything feels and smells great. I'm extremely particular about my laundry, I admit. One of my essentials is Ultra Downy fabric softener. My latest indulgence is to add Downy Unstopables before I even throw my clothes in the wash. These scent booster beads give a fabulous luxurious smell to each load that lasts until you wash again.

3. Be your own stylist

When you buy something you love, you want it to last. I used to get annoyed when my mom would lecture me about the importance of details, but now I see the wisdom. Who looks put-together if their buttons are missing? My stylist always has a kit full of fabric-care problem solvers like a lint roller, a Tide to Go stain remover, and a ton of safety pins. But the most important thing is to try and prevent wardrobe malfunctions from occurring in the first place. Here's an easy tip when it comes to buttons. Dab the threads at the center of the button with clear nail polish to seal them so they won't unravel. Another trick: Rub zipper teeth with wax (a candle works well for the job) to keep the zipper working smoothly.

4. "Borrow" designer accessories

If there's a designer (i.e., expensive) bag you love, you can own it temporarily if you order it from, an incredibly clever website that allows you to rent selections from its trove of brand-name goods. You can rent a bag for the short or long term, and then send it back (free shipping!). If you do decide to indulge and purchase the bag, your sale price will reflect any rental equity you've earned.

5. Fashion your home

People went absolutely bananas for the Missoni for Target collection last month. Yes, the clothes are cool and so are the bikes, but my favorite pieces are actually the home items. A complete seasonal home makeover isn't in the cards for most of us, but adding a few high-impact pieces can make you feel as if an interior designer has stopped by. The Missoni for Target home collection features accent pieces like throw pillows, candles, media bins, frames, and gorgeous vases in their trademark color-saturated patterns.

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