Meet Claire McCaskill's Daughters, Our New Political Style Icons

Ariel Rivera, Style Editor

On Tuesday night, democratic senator Claire McCaskill triumphed over republican representative Todd Akin in securing the Missouri senate seat (we're guessing that "legitimate rape" comment may have sealed his fate). But as McCaskill gave her victory speech, our attention turned to two other success stories: her impressively stylish daughters. Maddie and Lily McCaskill stood close to their mother, beaming with pride through their downtown chic, red lipsticked smiles. Maddie’s crown of blonde braids was so killer matched with her crisp, on-trend marigold silk button-down under a simple navy crewneck dress. And Lily’s feminine waves and rosette-detailed, fine-pleat dress were edged up just enough by her black belt and dark manicure. In a sartorial sea of humdrum politically correctness, these two were a breath of fresh air. We look forward to following (and documenting!) their future style moments.