Red, White and Blue Snacks and Treats for Kids

Get patriotic with the entire family this summer! While every year Americans proudly wear their red, white, and blue for Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, the summer of 2012 also brings with it the Summer Olympics. If you and the family are looking for tasty patriotic treats for the summer season, these five red, white and blue snacks are where it's at!

Red, white, and blue fruit trays

If you're looking for an appetizer to put out while you and the kids watch the Opening Ceremonies, consider a red, white, and blue fruit tray! Slice red raspberries, red grapes, and red apples. Mix in blueberries and peeled pear slices, too. Up for a real challenge? Use a white platter and make your fruit tray look like the American flag-blueberries for stars, pear slices for white stripes, and strawberries for the red.

Patriotic cereal treats

Get out your crispy rice cereal for these patriotic cereal treats, perfect for a summer barbeque or afternoon snack for the kids. Melt your marshmallows with a small amount of butter (so the marshmallows don't stick to the pan). Once the marshmallows have melted, add a few drops of red or blue food coloring. Add your crispy rice cereal and press into a buttered pan. Presto-red, white, or blue cereal treats!

American-spirit salad

Even the salad you serve at your Memorial Day barbeque or to the family while you're watching the beach volleyball portion of the Olympics can have some American flavor to it! Start with mixed greens. Be sure to add sliced tomatoes for your red color. Throw in walnuts or crumbled blue cheese for your white. Add a few blueberries for your blue and to add a bit of a sweet taste that goes perfectly during the summer months. Moms, dads, and kids will love this American-spirit salad.

Red, white, and blue cake pops

Cake pops are all the rage for birthday parties and other holiday gatherings this year. The Olympics are a great opportunity to try out these fun treats with the kids. Begin by making a box cake mix according to the package directions. Then crumble the cake mix up and mix with frosting. Shape into small balls. Melt white chocolate colored with red or blue food coloring. Use sticks to spear the balls, dip them into the chocolate, and place on waxed paper to dry. You can make these several days in advance and keep refrigerated until the day of the party.

Olympic ring cakes

Create your own Olympic ring cakes with the kids in honor of the Opening or Closing Ceremonies at the Olympics. Use an angel food cake mix and divide it into 5 eight-inch round cake pans (1 inch thick each). Using a smaller circle, cut out the inside of each ring to make them resemble the Olympic rings. Ice the cakes in blue, black, red, yellow, and green, thanks to food coloring. Serve on red, white, and blue plates.

These five fun, festive, patriotic treats are all great ways to show your pride this summer at your Independence Day barbeque or while watching the Olympics!

Content by Kelly Herdrich.