Easy Ways to Decorate Your Blank Wall

When it comes to adding a personal touch to your home, filling up an empty wall with art can be a daunting task. You want to spruce up your wall, but have no idea where you should start. Expert decorator Carter Oosterhouse tells Easy Does It host Ereka Vetrini how to make blank walls en effortless work of art.

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Some home owners choose to wait a long time fill their empty walls as they wait to discover the perfect pieces of art. But it's more likely that the walls stay bare because people are scared of making mistakes, says Oosterhouse, an HGTV host and author of Carter's Way: A No-Nonsense Method for Designing Your Super Stylish Home. "I think it's so overwhelming because it just stares at you," he says. "And it's a blank wall and people look at it and they're like, 'Ugh what should I do? I don't want to mess it up, I don't want to put something on there that I'm gonna regret.' And they just they don't have the guts to just do something to it."

If you're ready to put your fear aside, Oosterhouse has some simple tips to add style to your blank wall.

Paint the wall
. "If you wanna just do something really simple and really easy just put some paint on it, maybe make it the focal wall so add a different color to that wall," he says. With neutral colors on each side and one wall as a focal point, you'll have a pop of color. Avoid painting the wall a color that blends with your furniture.

Hang empty picture frames
. That's right, empty frames. Find frames in different colors and sizes, then hang them in random clusters on the wall. Or paint them all the same color...or different colors. You can also try this with as assortment of framed mirrors.

Use plants as art. If your want to get crafty with your wall, Oosterhouse suggests uses a hanging shoe rack and adds succulents or herbs to it so it serves as a functional hanging planter.

Be daring.
"You don't have to be super creative. You do not have to have a lot of money, "says Oosterhouse. "Just trust in your instinct. You know, trust in yourself because there are a lot of things you can figure out on your own."

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