5 Ways to Have Quality Family Time Without Leaving Home

blanket tent
blanket tent

Hayrides, apple picking, pumpkin picking, trick or treating! Fall is all about the outdoor activities -- as it should be; autumn's weather is delightful. But, sometimes, when you have a new baby (hi!), you really don't feel like bundling yourself and your little one up and going outside. Sometimes, you just want to stay inside where it's warm and toasty.

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But staying in doesn't mean boring. No, friend, not at all. Staying indoors can be the perfect fall activity when you have kids. Here are five ways to have quality family time without leaving home.

Tents! Oh, come on, who doesn't love a tent? Arrange some blankets to form a cozy, little fort for your family, and, well, just hang out. Light some candles (away from the blankets, please), read some stories, drink some cocoa. Everything's better under a tent.

Movies. No, you don't want to plop your baby in front of a television and watch them zone out to the bright lights of TV, but when your little one falls asleep, pop in a movie and cuddle up with loved ones.

"Reading." Of course your baby can't read. That's crazy! But why not grab your favorite book (or magazine) and take turns with your partner or a friend reading to your child? Pictures are good, though. Not sure how interested your baby will be in Sense and Sensibility.

Napping. Whether you're into co-sleeping or not, nothing is as cozy as a group nap with your baby. If you're nervous about anyone falling off the bed, gather up some blankets and take a snooze on the floor. Or better yet, try sleeping in your tent!

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Dance Party! Crank up the tunes (but not too high, you have a baby, remember?), grab your little one (or put her in a carrier), and dance your butt off. Few things are cuter in life than seeing your child smile and laugh from bouncing them up and down to music.

What do you and your family do when you stay inside?

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Written by Nicole Fabian-Weber on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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