Jennifer Aniston's $141,037 Beauty Routine

Say what you will, but I've always rooted for Team Jen. My love for Jennifer Aniston started during her days as the annoying but oh-so-loveable Rachel Green, and her recent impression of Chelsea Handler on "After Lately" only solidified my girl crush. She's funny, she's hot, and she's only getting better with age.

The star is 43 years old. For-ty-three. So of course, I want to know how the heck she keeps her skin looking more youthful and flawless than my supposedly-at-peak-20-something complexion. That's why I was all ears when the intrepid beauty reporter -- aka Conan O'Brien -- found out.

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On his late-night TV show, Conan asked the star how she keeps her skin so flawless. Her response: "I'm obsessed with laser porn."

Come again, Jen?

Aniston said she uses laser therapy to zap away the age spots from her Cali-bred complexion. She also revealed that she loves chemical peels. "It's extremely intense … you look like a battered burn victim for a week," she said. "The dead skin on your face just kind of falls off for eight days."

Conan joked, "I hope you saved the [fallen] face afterwards -- that is eBay gold!"

As much as I love me my Jen, I'm not in the market for her dead skin cells. What I wouldn't mind having is, well, everything else. Her trend-setting hair, her perfect skin, her amazingly-toned abs … I could go on. So I did something a little creepy.

I tracked down every last detail of Jennifer Aniston's look and found out how much it would cost me to look like her. Curious? Keep reading.

Jennifer Aniston's Skin Care

Aniston uses a pretty wide variety of products on her skin. She's said that her long-time favorite cleanser is the Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar, $3.45, and also says she uses Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, $47. But here's the ringer: Before award shows and red carpet appearances, she also visits the Tracie Martyn Spa for Martyn's signature Red Carpet Facial. This treatment costs $450 and clients typically leave with her "Famous Purple Bag" of at-home products, which costs $391.50. This puts Aniston's estimated skin care total at $891.95 if she gets one facial a month. Then, add in the aforementioned chemical peel, which costs about $295 a pop, her monthly skin care routine comes out to $1,186.95.

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Jennifer Aniston's Hair

Aniston usually gets her hair cut by celebrity stylist Chris McMillan, who owns Chris McMillan The Salon in Beverly Hills, Calif. and co-owns McMillan Canale Salon in Malibu, Calif. with Aniston's colorist Michael Canale. A haircut at the salon will generally cost about $200 to $350, but with McMillan himself it's $600. Pretty steep, but he is the creator of "The Rachel." For highlights, Canale's rates start at $320. So a day at the salon for Aniston (who is rumored to go religiously every six weeks) will cost at least $920 -- before tips. At home, Aniston mostly uses Chris McMillan products. His starter kit, which includes shampoo, conditioner, and repair mask, is a shockingly affordable $29.95. See how to copy Aniston's tousled hair with this video tutorial.

Jennifer Aniston's Makeup

Obviously, Aniston's makeup look changes often, so I decided to just pick one as an example. See the beauty products Aniston's regular makeup artist, Angela Levin, used on her for a "Harper's Bazaar" cover shoot here. Since the look is a pretty typical one for Aniston, it's a good guideline if you want to copy her makeup. The total of all the beauty products comes out to $402. All of this doesn't include the makeup artist fees. While Levin doesn't disclose her rates, Crystal Wright, a career advisor in the beauty industry, says some celebrity makeup artists' rates start at $4,000 per day, so we'll use that as a rough estimate. Total cost: $4,402.

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Jennifer Aniston's Eyebrows

Aniston has had brow guru Anastasia Soare shaping her brows for years. A session with Soare herself costs $120 for the first visit and $80 after that. The salon says some people come in every week for touch-ups, while others only come every month or two months; it depends on how fast your brows grow and how picky you are about them.

Jennifer Aniston's Nose

While rumors have circulated about a possible boob job (which we doubt), Aniston's only confirmed plastic surgeries are her two nose jobs. Her "reason" for these was a deviated septum, which may be true, but there's no denying her nose changed shape after each one. Dr. Raj Kanodia, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Calif., was the surgeon for her second rhinoplasty. While he wouldn't reveal what Aniston paid, he did say the average nose job runs between $9,000 and $12,000. Times two puts her plastic surgery tab at about $18,000. While Aniston's nose upgrade is flawless, see the 10 worst celebrity plastic surgery mistakes here.

Jennifer Aniston's Spray Tan

As you may have guessed, Aniston doesn't come by that golden skin tone naturally. She's been spotted coming out of the Ibiza Tanning Salon in West Hollywood, Calif., where an airbrush tan runs $45. The salon recommends coming in every two weeks to maintain your glow. Can't afford a bi-weekly visit to the tanning salon? Get a faux-glow at home with these expert tricks to self-tanning.

Jennifer Aniston's Body

Aniston meets with personal trainer/yoga guru Mandy Ingber three times a week for about an hour one-on-one. They do a mix of cardio and yoga and Aniston raves about these workouts: "When I started doing yoga with Mandy, I noticed many things. My legs getting leaner. My arms getting stronger, and most importantly, I noticed an inner strength. … I feel like I am getting a meditation, a workout, and time with my friend, all rolled into one hour." Ingber says her rates are confidential, but Scott White, author of "Celebrity Personal Trainers," says that many celebrity trainers charge upwards of $300 an hour. Using this estimate, Aniston's weekly fitness costs would be about $900. (If you want to try Ingber's routine at home, her DVD only costs $14.95 -- but we doubt you'll get the same "time with a friend" feeling from the TV screen as you do in person.)

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Jennifer Aniston's Diet

Aniston works with dietician Carrie Wiatt, RD. While Wiatt wouldn't disclose the exact diet that Aniston is on, we can tell you that a consultation with Wiatt is $300 and one week's worth of her pre-made healthy meals is $385. So if you wanted to emulate Aniston's diet for even a week, you'd be looking at dropping around $685.

In conclusion, it costs quite a bit to look like Jennifer Aniston. Her monthly beauty bill comes out to a conservative $11,933.97. And if you have a (ahem) deviated septum to worry about, tack at least $5,000 onto this for a one-shot nose job. To maintain Aniston's look for a year, you're lookin' at around $141,037.97. So the next time you're sighing over a photo of Aniston's face/legs/butt/whatever, consider that with the money she spends to look beautiful for a year, you could: purchase a home in the Midwest, send a kid to college for (almost) four years, buy six Honda Accords, or even fly roundtrip from Los Angeles to New York -- in first class -- 44 times! Kinda puts things in perspective, right? But then again, who needs six Honda Accords? I'll take Jen's face and body any day.

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