The Winner of Our Supper Club Grill Giveaway!

Sarah Lipoff has gamely contributed to the Supper Club since its first month. When we dared you to cook your scariest dish, she fried up a whole chicken. When we asked how to spring clean your supper, she slashed the fat and calories of a beloved Chinese dish. In May, she shared her mother's easy recipe for monkey bread, and in June whet our appetities with the makings for her light and lovely first bite of summer. We were not surprised then to see that her best cookout secret was an inventive and irresistible grilled pizza, or that you chose it for the winner of July's Supper Club Grill Giveaway. Sarah says it best in her post:

"Summer entertaining shouldn't be about spending hours in the kitchen tossing together elaborate meals when guests come over to play. Nope. Dinner should be effortless, preferably served on paper plates, and cooked on the grill creating hardly any cheap pizza-grilling secret - throw-away aluminum pizza pie tins from the grocery store...This is my no-fail way to make summer entertaining fun and easy. And you know how much I love pizza (here, here, and here...)."

Sarah, congrats on winning this chic portable Bodum grill. Grilling pizza just got even cooler.

An eleventh hour entry from Terribly Lovely ended up walking away with second place. She'll be going home with a cast iron grill pan.

Congrats to you both! Thanks also to everyone who voted, commented, and participated in this month's theme. We'll see you at the Supper Club tomorrow to learn what's in store for August!