Sparkling Summer Drinks

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Chill Out

Hot days call for frosty sips. Check out these refreshing combinations that will get you through the season for just pennies a glass. Photo credit: Jonny Valiant

Lime Zing

Summer sizzle is more bearable with rose-colored glasses! Combine tangy red tea with slices of lime, and add ice. Another great idea: combine lemon-lime soda with summer berries. Photo credit: Jonny Valiant

Surprise your taste buds with these 9 crazy cocktails.

Apricot Fizz

Two parts club soda, one part sweet apricot nectar, plus sliced nectarines to nibble. Another great idea: combine club soda with puréed watermelon. Photo credit: Jonny Valiant

Florida Iced Tea

Add orange slices for a sunshiny take on the usual. Another great idea: combine iced tea with sliced plums and fresh mint or with pineapple juice and fresh pineapple. Photo credit: Jonny Valiant

Discover things you never knew about iced tea.

Berry Sparkler

Club soda and red tea with a handful of fresh berries-summer in a glass. Photo credit: Jonny Valiant

Lemon Surprise

Cucumbers really are cool, especially in lemonade. Add zip with a bit of grated fresh ginger. Another great idea: combine lemonade with fresh basil or with puréed strawberries. Photo credit: Jonny Valiant

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Great Starts

Use these as the base for all your summer drinks:

Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger ($2.99 for 20 bags) A nice balance of tart and fruity hibiscus teas, with a hit of cool mint.

Country Time Lemonade ($2.49 for 19 oz) Sweet and tangy, with lemonade-stand taste and a price to match (about 8¢ a cup).

Lipton Black Tea ($2.79 for 48 bags) Stands up to melting ice.

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