Skip the Soda Shop: 7 Homemade Ice Cream Soda Recipes

I am a huge fan of the ice cream soda. A classic root beer float, a brown cow, you name it, I love it. I think it is the magical combination of sweet, bubbly soda and cold, creamy ice cream. It is like the ice cream magically transforms into cream soda as it melts. Ice cream sodas are also really fun for children. I've never met a child (or adult!) who doesn't find delight in trying to slurp up the melted ice cream with a spoon. Here are some of our best ice cream soda recipes for summer.

All-American Ice Cream Floats
All-American Ice Cream Floats

1. All-American Ice Cream Floats

These awesome patriotic floats are delicious even after the Fourth of July. Enjoy them at your barbecue and stay cool.

Make All-American ice cream floats:

Vanilla Ice Cream
Blue soda
Strawberry Syrup

1. Spoon ice cream into glass. Very, very slowly pour soda into glass over ice cream.

2. Place one scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Garnish with strawberry syrup.

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Root Beer Floats
Root Beer Floats

2. Root Beer Floats

A classic root beer float is the epitome of summer. Enjoy it at a party or after dinner - everyone will love the comforting classic flavor.
Make classic root beer floats

Dairy-free Mocha Root Beer Floats
Dairy-free Mocha Root Beer Floats

3. Dairy-free Mocha Root Beer Floats

This is the perfect float for people looking to avoid dairy but who still want the satisfaction of a cool root beer float!
Make dairy free mocha root beer floats

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Green Ice Cream Soda
Green Ice Cream Soda

4. Green Ice Cream Soda

These monster mash sodas are hilarious for Halloween but are tasty year-round. I can see them also being great at a garden party surrounded by a gorgeous green garden.
Make green ice cream soda

Classic Coke Float
Classic Coke Float

5. Classic Coke Float

The classic Coke float is one of my personal favorites. This is easily the best way to turn a regular Coke into a cream soda.
Make a classic Coke float

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Ice Cream Soda Cocktails
Ice Cream Soda Cocktails

6. Ice Cream Soda Cocktails

Take ice cream sodas one step further by making them cocktails! These are not for children, but the adults will love them.
Make ice cream soda cocktails

Pimm's Orange Soda Floats
Pimm's Orange Soda Floats

7. Pimm's Orange Soda Floats

With or without the Pimm's, this soda is like a creamsicle in a glass. Bright and refreshing, it is perfect for summer!
Make a Pimm's orange soda floats

-By Kelsey Banfield
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