Shine Supper Club: Spring Clean Your Supper

Spring has officially sprung: I've got a bouquet of daffodils on my desk and asparagus on my mind. Because after a season of braises, short ribs, and roasted root vegetables, lighter spring fare is starting to sound just right. I'm already having outdoorsy food-focused fantasies: picnics on crisp afternoons, sandwiches stashed in backpacks for weekend hikes, a ladies brunch with fizzy rhubarb cocktails...

But, ahem, there's still reality to contend with. The weeknight dinner rush doesn't vanish with brighter, warmer days (despite our most vivid daydreams). This month, we're asking for your tips, tricks, shortcuts and secrets for spring cleaning your supper. What's your go-to spring recipe for the lighter, healthier fare that feels right, right now?

I'm a huge fan of a whole roast chicken. When there's no time to pop a bird in the oven myself, I pick up one from the store, already rubbed and roasted in kicky adobo or fresh rosemary and garlic. Then all I need is a box of pre-washed greens for a quick salad with a tart mustard vinaigrette and to microwave some pre-cooked brown rice. Voila: a healthy, practically-homemade dinner is served before my husband's even finished opening the wine.

So let's hear it: how do you make weeknight dinners that are as fresh and bright (and fast!) as the season?

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