Oreos Launches Candy Corn Flavor. You In?

Piper Weiss, Shine Staff
Halloween is now National Oreo Day, okay?
Halloween is now National Oreo Day, okay?

Step aside, bag of tiny Snickers. Out of the way, miniature Mike and Ike boxes. A new Halloween snack is hitting grocery shelves next week.

Introducing limited edition Candy Corn Oreos, on sale September 10th and only available at Target stores through the Halloween season. Heres the concept: Take two yellow cookie wafers and create a cream-filled sandwich that looks and tastes like a candy corn. Now commence milk-dipping.

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It's taken 100 years for Oreo innovators to concoct this recipe. Considering the fact that candy corns have been around since the 1880s, it's about time.

The original candy corn recipe consists of sugar, corn syrup, water and, get this, wax. But the ingredients on the back of this Oreo bag is likely going to be a lot longer if the original cookie recipe is any indication.

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The 100-year-old brand has really stepped up its creative arm in recent years. For their centennial birthday, the mad geniuses added sprinkles to the traditional white frosting. Last year the world got a taste of the Triple Double, a double-decker cookie sandwich with a layer of vanilla and chocolate icing. Deeply devoted cookie fans are still calling for the re-release of 2008's Banana Split Oreo. The same can't be said for Blueberry Ice Cream Oreos, available only in parts of Asia. (One blog reviewer said they tasted Menthol cigarettes.)

As for the taste of Candy Corn Oreos, the verdict is still out. As you read this, food bloggers are scrambling like wild wolves to get their paws on a bag before their official release and be the first to publish a formal review. Some people have already made up their minds. According to a poll posted Friday on Consumerist.com, the majority of folks don't want the orange and yellow creme cookie "coming within 100 feet" of their mouths. Gizmodo's Andrew Liszewski is not one of those people. After sizing up a photo of the bag, he called the Oreo invention the "mutant lovechild of deliciousness that will be impossible to resist." Curious? Just buy the bag--they're only $3.59 plus a trip to Target.

And herein lies a greater question: can you really go to Target and leave with just one bag of cookies? Of course not, you're human being with eyes. Blast you Target with your aisles of colorful throw pillows and your supersize sacks of cat litter and your limited edition clothing lines and your alliances with cookie geniuses! You've won again.

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