Krispy Kreme Oreo Doughnuts

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This is the newest flavor to join the line-up in
Krispy Kreme's arsenal of heart attack inducing foods, except that this one is probably one of the worst options for you. As you can imagine this isn't the healthiest option at Krispy Kreme and saying that is kind of stupid to begin with, but this is a creative recipe in that it tries to play on the Oreo's and milk nostalgia of everything. Everybody knows the history of Krispy Kreme and what they have to offer so I'll make this review a short one and just let you know the facts.

It seems odd that this is yet the second company this month to feature a new product with Oreo's in them (see my previous posting). What you see in this picture is now what the actual product looks like, as is the case with every fast food product on the market. Instead what you get is a couple of crushed up Oreo's thrown onto your doughnut with some icing laced on top of it. The company says "Krispy Kreme's new limited-time Cookies & Kreme yeast-raised doughnut has a deliciously sweet, OREO®-infused Kreme filling. The doughnut is also hand-dipped in white icing, topped with OREO® Cookie pieces and then drizzled with a vanilla icing." If you are a fan of the more elaborate doughnuts, such as those that are filled and have multiple toppings then this is the one for you. If you are a fan of the more traditional glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme than you might want to look elsewhere. The taste of this doughnut is just like eating a Oreo cookie perhaps because the topping is the first and last thing you taste and the doughnut really gets lost in the process.

Because it is only a temporary doughnut it doesn't have nutritional information on the web-site, but I can imagine that it is about the same as their other special doughnuts and will post that information at the bottom. I'm aware that many people will not like that they don't have the nutritional information for this product and will not enjoy that I am posting information for another product, but this new product isn't worth trying anyway. Overall (2 out of 5) because this product is just so heavy and has way too much on it for a simple doughnut. Have you tried this new doughnut yet? let us know what you think!

The pros are that it has Oreo's on top of it, and it is a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

The cons are that it is too heavy for breakfast, to sweet, and the doughnut isn't even noticeable under everything.

Nutritional Information For 1 Chocolate Iced Cream Filling: Not for the Oreo doughnut

  • Calories 400

  • Fat 20g

  • Sodium 140mg

  • Carbs 51g

  • Fiber 0g

  • Sugar 34g

  • Protein 4g