Great Snacks for People with Nut Allergies

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By Carla Lalli Music, Bon Appétit

One of my children is allergic to sesame seeds and a bunch of nuts. Though thankfully not life-threatening, his diagnosis came with a stern warning from our pediatrician. So all nuts and sesame seeds are out. Schools, restaurants, and other parents are pretty good about nut "issues," but the sesame thing is a drag--I've now learned that "7-grain" breads often include but don't disclose sesame as an ingredient, and it's not one of the top eight allergens that the FDA requires be listed prominently on ingredient labels.

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This is why I'm thankful for sunflower seeds. They're a very low-allergen food (my son has zero sensitivity to them) and they can be made into a nut butter, which has completely replaced peanut butter in our house. Here are some of my favorite sunflower products, and if you have children with nut allergies, please weigh in!

* There are a few sunflower seed butters on the market; this one, because it's well seasoned with salt, stands out. We use it for sandwiches and smoothies on an almost daily basis.

* Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds have M&M-type appeal and are an awesome addition to a Sundae bar.

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* For the kid who can't have Reese's peanut butter cups, these come pretty dang close (pictured).

* Swap the peanuts for hulled, roasted, salted sunflower seeds in this amazing brittle.

* I'm cooking with more sunflower oil now, too--great alternative to olive oil for sautéing, and a good neutral choice for vinaigrettes.

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