It's a thanksgiving turkey best served cold. Baskin-Robbins is bringing back the Turkey Cake, a glazed confection first introduced in 1976.

The seventies weren't exactly a heyday for desserts. See Jell-O salads for proof. But the Turkey Cake-glazed in caramel and stuffed with ice cream--has its share of loyalists.

On first inspection, the limited edition dessert looks like it could be another gelatinous recipe garnished with cabbage leaves, or even a lacquered version of a turkey dinner in a dusty old diner menu. But looks can be deceiving.

The cake, which serves up to 10 people and costs $32.99, can be customized with one or two Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors, before it's glazed in a sweet caramel shell. The shell, by the way came in 2008, when the turkey cake was re-introduced. With the modern incarnation, even the drumstick tips are edible-they're actually sugar cones.

If you're not prepared to be that guy that brought that cake to thanksgiving dinner, you can still feed your curiosity in secret. This year, Baskin Robbins is also selling individual drumsticks ($7.99 for 2, $14.99 for 4).

It takes a certain level of mind-bending courage to dive into a cake that looks like a piece of plastic that looks like a turkey, but the demand is there.

A rep for Baskin Robbins couldn't provide numbers to back up the "back by popular demand" clam in the cakes press release. But he did tell Yahoo Shine the company is confident the cake will "be well-received by our guests again this year."

If you decide to go for the whole bird, you've got a choice to make. Which ice cream goes best with caramel-glazed turkey-like skin? Baskin-Robbins top-selling flavors of ice cream are Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pralines 'n Cream, and Chocolate Chip. But one blogger, who reviewed the cake with her family last year, went rogue.

"I ordered mine with the Peanut Butter n' Chocolate (in a family vote, this flavor won out)," writes the blogger behind Her takeaway? "The kids loved it, and some asked for seconds."

For those more shocked by the suggested retail price of the Baskin Robbins cake (up a dollar from 2010) than the dessert itself, there are loads of do-it-yourself Turkey Cake recipes to try online.Turkey for dessert: go figure.