America's Most Outrageous Food Vehicles

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Boston Lobster Feast Car
Boston Lobster Feast Car:
Orlando's Boston Lobster Feast Car serves as an apt reminder of the classic Simpson's episode when Homer adopted Pinchy the lobster as a pet, accidentally boiled him in the bathtub, and ate him without sharing, because "he would have wanted it that way." Tough, but fair.

A collection of the most outlandish food-shaped automobiles in the nation
Who hasn't wanted to take a ride in the Weinermobile? Outfitting vehicles to look like something else has been one of America's favorite advertising tools since the '30s, and drivers and bystanders have been treated to cars that look like everything from animals to candy - even shoes. In fact, carrying on in the tradition of Oscar Mayer, there is a whole bevy of food-shaped vehicles that deserve their moment of glory.

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Anyone who's watched the movie Dumb and Dumber will chuckle at the memory of the MuttCutts van that Jeff Daniels' character Harry Dunne had made for his dog grooming service - it's a time-honored visual gag. Just this past weekend comedian David Arquette was spotted riding around Indianapolis in anticipation of the Super Bowl in The Chicken Limo. Party animals like Arquette can rent out this luxurious chicken-topped vehicle for special events.

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The most famous food truck and the one that sparked this whole phenomenon, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, first debuted in 1936, but some of the more recent food-shaped vehicles on this list are a food fanatic's personal roving masterpiece, like Harry Sperl's hamburger Harley Davidson three-wheeler and Steve Braithwaite's banana car. Others were marketing tools for nationally recognized brands such as Dairy Queen's blizzard-mobile and the Hershey's Kiss truck.

From a hot dog cart to cupcake- and pig-shaped trucks, and even a lobster car, never has a collection of vehicles looked so delicious.

- Ryan Glasspiegel, The Daily Meal

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