9 Hostess Treats to Make at Home


Source: 9 Hostess Treats to Make at Home

Fans of nostalgic packaged sweet treats may be racing to stock up with the news that Hostess Brands may fold, but we have a different approach: making our own! Several enterprising chefs have re-created their favorite nostalgic treats which look even better than the original. And an added bonus? Those preservatives that will keep those Hostess treats (and possibly your gastrointestinal tract) fresh through the next nuclear event aren't a concern when the Twinkies and Ho Hos come from your oven.

  • Hostess CupCakes: The first commercially produced cupcake, the Hostess CupCake and its signature icing squiggles are now a cultural icon.

  • Hostess Donettes: For some, breakfast would never be the same without powdered or chocolate-dipped Donettes to dip in their coffee. Thankfully, a homemade version is within your reach.

  • Hostess Twinkies: The original Twinkie had a banana cream filling, but today most people know and love it for its vanilla cream center. This recipe reflects the flavor invented in 1930.

  • Hostess Ding Dongs: If you grew up snacking on Ring Dings, rest assured that Ding Dongs are the same delicious cream-filled, chocolate-covered treat since Hostess's parent company bought Drake's in 1998. Of course, you could just make your own!

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  • Hostess Fruit Pies: To some, those handheld fruit pastries with the gooey apple or cherry filling were the closest thing they experienced to a home-baked pie. Here's a version that actually channels the flavor of real fruit!

  • Hostess Sno Balls: While they come in different colors at different times of the year (e.g., neon green for Halloween Glo Balls), Hostess Sno Balls are traditionally pink. This recipe captures everything from the cream filling to the marshmallow coating to the delicate pink coconut flakes.

  • Hostess Suzy Qs: Named for the daughter of the Continental Baking Company (a parent company of Hostess), Suzy Qs and their devil's food sandwiched around a cream center are tasty treats for anyone (especially when made at home!).

  • Hostess Chocodiles: Essentially, a chocolate-covered Twinkie, fans of the Chocodile claim that it retains more moisture thanks to its chocolatey coating.

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