5 Insanely Delicious Hostess Recipes to Make While You Still Can

Fried Twinkie
Fried Twinkie

News that Hostess has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is enough to make sugar lovers shake with thoughts of these tasty treats being mercilessly withdrawn from shelves. A world without Ho Hos, Twinkies, and Snowballs is heartbreaking to think about, really.

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Besides the snackers that will be left reeling, however, there are a number of recipes that call for Hostess treats as actual ingredients. Chefs everywhere will be left searching for substitutes, but those dishes will never be the same without the real deal. Here are five of the best recipes that call for them. I suggest you get cooking now and savor them while you can, or start hording Hostess products. In this case, their freakishly non-perishable qualities are a good thing, and you'll probably be able to hand some down to your grandchildren if you get enough.

1. Paula Deen's Twinkie Pie

The loss of this dish would be as much of a shame as the recipe itself.

1 1/2 box Twinkies
1/2 cup sugar
1 large can crushed pineapple
1 large box of vanilla instant pudding, prepared
4 bananas
1 container whipped topping
Chopped Pecans, optional
Maraschino cherries, optional

Line 13 x 9 pan with Twinkies. Mix sugar and pineapple together in a pan and bring to a boil. Pour over Twinkies. Cool slightly. Spread pudding over pineapple mixture. Slice bananas and place over pudding. Top with whipped topping. Optional: top with cherries and chopped pecans. Refrigerate for a few hours before serving.

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2. Ho Ho Trifle

Layers of Ho Hos, plus whipped topping, strawberries, and more, make a pretty and taste-pleasing dish.

3. Ding Dong Cake

Decadent and delicious, this amazing concoction combines Ding Dongs, pudding, and a cream cheese mixture. Everyone will be ringing your bell when you make it.

4. Black Forest Hostess Cupcakes Dessert

Fancy boutique cupcakes are fine, but the Hostess ones with the cute little white frosting loops are the only ones that will do for this recipe. They're combined with cherries, chocolate, pudding, and more. Yum.

5. Fried Twinkies

State fairs will never be the same if this amazing culinary creation on a stick isn't available. If Hostess should be saved for no other reason, this is it.

What are your favorite recipes that call for Hostess products? Are you worried about the products leaving store shelves?

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Written by Julie Ryan Evans on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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