Qualities that All Good Bosses Should Have

Being a boss is for the brave. With a seemingly endless list of projects to manage and problems to solve it's easy to feel like you're running an asylum instead of a business! And while most bosses would like to create a dream work environment for their staff, when it comes down to the crunch, it's easy to see that dream as a luxury that the company can't afford…. but you're WRONG.

Despite your greatest fears as a boss about what your employees want, you'd be surprised to discover it's rarely more holidays or even bigger pay checks. That's right, what they crave even more than a day at the beach is a work environment that challenges and inspires them. Truth is, when your team feels valued, understood and their talents are being utilized, the results are sweeter than a mango daiquiri in the sun.

To find out how to create the ultimate work environment in your company we headed to paradise itself, Hawaii, to speak with two women who have a thriving business teaching bosses how to bring a slice of nirvana into the workplace.

Cindy Sakai and Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura are the co-founders of TH!NK, a management consultancy firm that specializes in creating idyllic work environments for companies great and small. The bubbly duo have years of experience in the real world but the title that best describes them is, "Dream Coaches"- a special form of management training where they help CEOS and managers understand how to create dream work environments (paradise) and get the best out of their employees.

So pack you're bags, you're about to get your ticket to paradise.


Creating environments that employee look forward to working in isn't just good for their morale; it's good for your bottom line. Here are the tangibles:

- Happy staff = Fewer sick days.

- Inspired staff = More dynamic work environment as staff feel safe taking bigger risks.

- Empowered employees = Less people saying 'That's not my job'.

- Improved communication = Better product and overall service for customers.

- Increased job security and satisfaction = Reduced gossiping and need to babysitting interpersonal office relationships.

- Longer staff retention = Saves money and time otherwise wasted on training new employees.

- Good work environment = Staff work longer hours and with more passion.

Ok, so now you know the benefits of creating a dream work environment but before you start doing the Hula, it's time to address the biggest mistakes bosses make.


Bosses employ experts in their field to do a job but after that many bosses feel that they need to micro manage their employees forgetting that their initial reason for hiring is because of a person's specific strengths and expertise. Let your employees grow and empower them in the position you hire them for.


A big mistake bosses can make is to mistake that a paycheck equals passion. Passion equals passion. Don't be mistaken that just because you pay your employees that they don't have ambitions and needs as people in a work place. Empower them and excite them , make them feel motivated so that they will work above and beyond their initial roles.

So you know the mistakes but what about some tips on how to fix them. Cindy and Sarah suggest the following.



Be straightforward, follow through with your decisions and promises and be a reliable boss to your employees.


Take time out to actually talk to your employees. Check up on what they want and take time to talk to your employees on a one on one basis. Trust me, they will feel wanted and will be more willing to work harder for you.


Being self-aware is a big strength and a positive move towards good boss skills. Challenge yourself as a boss to make changes and move forward with new ways to think through strategies and managing your company. If you are moving and changing then you are also helping create a more productive company.

So there you have it - the tips on how to become a good boss and ensure that you and your employees can live the dream in their office. I'll toast to that!

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