Wedding Boasts 80 Bridesmaids. That’s a Whole Lot of Taffeta

Some brides skip having bridesmaids because they are so concerned about hurting their loved ones' feelings. Katie Dalby, 26, chose another route for her wedding to fireman Norman Gooch on Saturday: she brought along 80 attendants.

When Dalby, who owns Katie Boogie Shoes Dance Academy in Harwich, England, announced her engagement to her students over a year ago, she says they were super excited and some were begging her to be included in the wedding. "It just couldn't have been fair to choose two or three of them," Dalby told the Daily Mail. "So the only solution was to invite 74 of them-I didn't want to exclude anyone." She also asked her best friend, three sisters-in-law, a niece, and a cousin. "It made my day more special."
-Sarah B. Weir, Shine Senior Writer