You Suit Me to a Tea! 7 Totally Cheesy, Old-school Valentines

I don't want any sweeping romantic gestures this Valentine's Day. No huge displays of affection that probably took WAY too long to put together. Call me crazy, but I just want simple, corny Valentine sentiments -- the kind of Valentines your mom and dad probably exchanged with friends when they were kids. And guess what? Thanks to, you can now download many of them. As most of the cards are from the 50s, I have a mental image of a team of dudes (not unlike the crew on Mad Men) sitting around their offices, smoking like chimneys while coming up with these clever gems. They're a million times better than the Hallmark products you get nowadays, if you ask me. Check out 7 of my favorite cheesy vintage Valentines here! - By Monica Bielanko

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