Jaws and Effect: 7 Hilarious ‘Misunderstood Shark’ Memes in Honor of Shark Week

It's the best time of the year! This past Sunday, August 4th, Shark Week started and just like years past, this week looks like it's going to be filled with all sorts of typical awesomeness. I am fascinated by sharks - terrified, but fascinated. There is so much I have learned about them though watching all the fun shows on Discovery Channel during Shark Week. I wonder, though, if they are still misunderstood. We see them as these killing monsters who are out to get us, but maybe that's not really the case. QuickMeme has a funny meme called the Misunderstood Shark with captions that could shows that maybe these sharks are not as scary as we think. Click through and see the best 7 Misunderstood Shark memes in honor of Shark Week! -By Devan McGuinness

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