What If Disney's "Frozen" Had Fashion?

Nick Remsen

This past weekend, I found myself avoiding Saturday night socializing in favor of something that ended up being far, far more exciting: a midnight viewing of Frozen (which comes out on DVD today-I watched it on iTunes).

At this point, and for all intents and purposes, the Oscar-winning film is a pop culture phenomenon, a crystalline supernova of cyan-tinged, vaguely Scandinavian, and ultimately lovable cartoon characters whose fame seems to rival that of Beyoncé's or Lady Gaga's. Everyone, from every generation, is talking about Frozen, or Instagramming screen shots of it with quotes for captions and hashtags of glee, or singing it. Case in point: The "Let It Go" sequence-that insanely uplifting, shake-it-off and you-do-you ballad piped out by main character Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel-read this slowly, Mr. Travolta)-has nearly 150 million views on Disney's YouTube channel.

About halfway through the aforementioned song, my viewing partner giddily inquired, "Is that dress Rodarte?" A fit of tear-inducing laughter later, we realized, well, actually, it could be Rodarte (the gown in question is ice-blue and sparkly). This launched a Vogue.com-facilitated investigation of recent runway seasons, and, lo and behold, more sartorial correlations were found. Thus, here we propose a very important question: What if Frozen had 2014 fashion?

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