A Perfect Fit: 7 Practical Ways to Use LEGOs in Your Home Decor

In our home we have oodles and oodles of LEGOs, from our epic Vampyre Castle construction to a couple of LEGO Friends vignettes. And because my children, being children, have strewn these building blocks all over our living space, I got to thinking: How else might these colorful pieces be put to use? After all, tots use them to build castels and towns and all of these extraordinary things, so perhaps I could use them to build something for myself or my home, too. After browsing the Web, I quickly discovered I was right -- that being creative with this toy can be fun for adults as well! From vases to tables and more, the kinds of home decorations one can build from a batch of LEGOs seems limitless. Even if DIYing isn't your thing or LEGOs simply wouldn't fit the style of your home decor, the items I've rounded up are so incredible, they're bound to amaze you. Click through for 7 practical ways to use LEGOs in your home decor! - By Sunny Chanel

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