7 Mom Entrepreneurs Who Made it Big

7 Mom Entrepreneurs Who Made it Big
I've always been inspired by women in business.
Particularly, mothers. Even more-so now, years after I've started up my own small business and began freelancing as a writer. I've faced hard truths and have had to make tough financial decisions. That's when I began to look for success stories. To surround myself with other mothers who were entrepreneurs and working really hard to keep everything afloat and dare I say it, even become successful. It's no easy feat juggling work and home life, no matter how you're working it. To me, making it big as an entrepreneur doesn't just equal fame and fortune. Being a successful mom entrepreneur is all about developing a brand that respects the world we live in, as well as inspires and supports other mothers. Here are 7 mom entrepreneurs that have defied all odds against them and succeeded...big time. - By Selena Burgess

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