RIP Harvey Dent, the tiny two-faced kitten

Little Harvey Dent -- named for the Batman character Two-Face's alter ego -- came into the world with what you might call an unusual outlook. Or, well, two outlooks: the kitten was born with two faces. This type of cat is known as a Janus cat, for the two-faced Roman god who also brought us the word "January," but the more official term is diprosopus cat. (A different Janus cat, born in West Virginia in 2010, is shown here.)

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The equally delightfully named owners, Nash Hand and Amelia Forsythe, were taken aback at first, but soon decided to give Harvey a chance, despite a less-than-supportive internet response. Unsure of how to proceed with a two-faced kitten, the couple went on Craigslist to see if anyone could help them -- and were told for their trouble that the little guy was an "abomination" that should be put down. An area vet disagreed, saying last week that Harvey didn't appear to have any heart or lung issues, and despite financial worries (and the disapproval of certain online communities), Hand and Forsythe vowed to raise him like any other single-faced kitten.

Alas, Harvey passed away from complications at only two days old. Janus cats often face health challenges, but the oldest living Janus cat set a record last year on this 12th birthday (his names are Frank and Louie). Hand and Forsythe have our condolences...but also our compliments, not just on their willingness to support Harvey, but also on their sassy styling. (Dig Hand's visor, and Forsythe's mani, in the video above.)

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